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What is this?

"Play It Like It's Music" is a podcast where professional musicians talk shop and craft. Since we have yet to find the show we really want to hear, this is our own attempt at making one.

Some might say - trying to be helpful - that capital “M” music has seen its peak. Purists whine that the best days of music are past us, decrying a scene that's undergone too many mechanical evolutions, stylistic recombinations or cultural bastardizations to even hear itself under the spark and pop of the digital age. Showbiz capitalists, for their part have lately had a hard time seeing the kind of dollar signs they did in the 90's, pointing to the CD-and-Hip-Hop bubble as the last, expired chance for any homegrown, forward-thinking or otherwise independent talent to ever break into the public ear. They don't see the point.

But here at Play It Like It's Music we believe the opposite. Not only is the act of musicmaking an essential life skill with a lineage stretching back to the beginnings of human history, but the artform, medium and vocation of the professional musician is more vital today than it ever has been.

Once a month, join musician, songwriter and producer Trevor Exter as he visits a rich variety of working musicians from every genre. If you love to play, yearn to play or just want to experience what a musical life feels like from the inside, this is the show for you.


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